A Few Things Pundits Could Write About

A few things pundits could write about:

1. Why did a Democratic candidate who has raised big money from Big Pharma say single payer health "will never happen?”

2. Why did the DNC pressure other candidates to clear the path for a highly controversial candidate who is *extremely* unpopular among independents and many Democrats?

3. Why are Clinton's vote totals in states with electronic voting greatly exceeding the exit polls, which are considered so reliable that they are used as proof of election fraud in other countries?

4. How could both the media and the party be so out of touch that they were taken completely by surprise by voters' anger at the establishment?

5. How consistently wrong they've been about Sanders and his campaign.

6. The fact that the media would never shut up about any other candidate who tried to run while under investigation by the FBI.

7. Why is a candidate who might be indicted for serious crimes willing to put the future of the country at risk by continuing to run for the sake of personal ambition?

8. What it means that an unprecedented, people-funded campaign is holding its own against the corporations, the ultra rich, the party machine, and the establishment media.

9. The legitimate reasons why millions of voters are done with both parties and won’t be shamed or scared into supporting either Trump or Clinton.

10. How a Democratic candidate could still be a friend of fracking when we're in the midst of another year that will smash all records as the warmest year ever.

11. Why do so many liberal voters casually accept the fact that their candidate supports regime change, illegal wars, and illegal military coups that have caused the deaths and suffering of vast numbers of (mostly) poor, (mostly) brown people in other countries?

12. How the very real possibility of a Trump win is the fault of a corrupt DNC, not Bernie Sanders or his supporters.

13. How the party has changed the rules at every turn to favor Clinton, scrapped Obama's rules on fundraising, conspired with the Clinton campaign to launder money, falsely claimed they were raising money for down ballot candidates when most of it was going to Clinton, and why they are getting away with corrupting the process, as they did in Nevada.

14. Why the presumptive nominee is spending a million dollars to hire internet trolls to spread her propaganda.

15. How the “Bernie Bros” narrative spun by the Clinton campaign and picked up by the lazy media is just another version of the “Obama Boys” narrative they spun in 2008.

16. What kind of feminist is a candidate whose policies have caused millions of poor women and children to suffer and die in illegal wars, coups, and regime change?

17. Actual, legitimate analysis of real policy differences between the candidates and what they would mean for real Americans.

18. Election fraud in Arizona, New York, Illinois, and other places, the very real threat to our democracy, and why the fraud makes the popular vote differential between the candidates uncertain.

19. The utter corruption of corporate lobbyists being Super Delegates, each one with more power than tens or hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters.

20. How Super Delegates like Howard Dean, who said they would support Clinton because she is more electable, continue to support her despite the evidence that she could lose to Trump.

What the pundits actually write about:

1. Bernie Bros.

2. The audacity of a candidate who has won nearly half the states continuing to campaign until the end.

3. Made-up reasons why the polls showing Sanders doing much, much better than Clinton against Trump are not valid.

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